Our Communities

Making a Difference in the World

We are passionate about our contribution and strive to make a positive impact in our work and the communities we share.

At Pilbara Minerals we are committed to making a difference in the world. We do this through our products and their role in the clean energy transition, as well as providing support to the communities in which we operate.

We support our priority communities via our Community Investment Program, providing financial support to community organisations through a range of partnerships and programs.

As well as, providing in-kind support where we can, knowing the challenges local communities face in regional and remote Australia.

These initiatives support our purpose and ensure our operations contribute to the social and economic prosperity of the communities of which we are a part.

Community Investment Framework

Our Community Investment Framework identifies the areas and communities we support. This Framework ensures we are supporting programs that align with community need and that any investment has a positive, lasting and sustainable impact.

Priority Communities

Nyamal and Kariyarra country, Yandeyarra, Strelley, Port Hedland, Pilbara and Perth

Focus Areas:

Investing in our future by improving access to education programs.


  • Increase access to literacy and numeracy programs
  • Increase access to STEM programs
  • Provide indigenous students scholarship programs for high-school and/or further education
  • Provide opportunities for leadership and mentoring to Indigenous students enrolled i. programs at University.

Supporting our communities to be sustainable and resilient through health and wellbeing, economic and capacity building initiatives.


  • Increase support to our FIFO workforce and their families
  • Increase access to services that support mental and physical health and wellbeing.
  • Increase services and support for healthy behaviours.
  • Increase access to healthcare professionals.
  • Support programs that build capacity and support economic diversification.
  • Support and celebrate the local community and culture.

Assisting communities to make a sustainable shift to renewable energy through initiatives, investment, research, innovation and economic diversification.


  • Support in renewable energy initiatives
  • Improve transition to clean energy in communities through investment in infrastructure.
  • Increase access to training in sustainability and renewable energy to build capacity and knowledge.
  • Partner with oraganisations to optomise the transition to clean energy.
  • Support research and development that promotes the transition to clean energy.

Community Grants Program

Our Community Grants Program will fund events and initiatives in our priority Pilbara communities that meet the outcomes of our focus areas, Education, Community Resilience and Energy Transition.

The program will provide a one-off payment of up to $10,000 to successful recipients of the annual program.

The 2023 Community Grants Program will open on Monday 2 October, information will be updated on our website and be available through our social media channels.

It’s important for all interested applicants to note that, with our strong focus on community, Pilbara Minerals will not fund:

  • Individuals.
  • Religious organisations for religious activities.
  • Private companies or commercial entities.
  • Activities which encourage the irresponsible use of alcohol or promote gambling.
  • Activities which are usually exclusively funded by government.

Our Community Partnerships