Girls Engineering Tomorrow 2022

The GET program targets female senior secondary students studying pre-requisite mathematics and offers them tutoring support, and exposure to engineering activities, courses, role models and careers. The program encourages female participation in STEM subjects and addresses the issue of low-female participation rates in engineering.

Pilbara Minerals is passionate about enhancing education outcomes, and as part of the students site visit to Pilgangoora they were able to experience life on a mine site. They were also inspired by some our Great People who shared valuable technical information and advice. The visit included dinner at the Carlindi Camp, and an overnight stay in a donga. This was a great opportunity for the girls to experience FIFO life, which included waking up bright and early to pack their crib (lunch) for the day ahead.


This the second year Pilbara Minerals has hosted the GET Program tour, which is an amazing opportunity for the next generation to gain valuable insight into a mining operation, along with some fantastic career tips from our technical leaders.

Student Sari Wilson says the tour has encouraged her to become a chemical or process engineer.

“It’s been a really good, eye-opening experience for us,” Ms Wilson said.

“We did get to meet with women who provided strong mentors and strong advice for what we could do to get into this workforce safely.”

Pilbara Minerals was grateful to be able to host a group of such incredible young women and we wish them well in their future endeavours.

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At Pilbara Minerals, our aim is to enhance the communities in which we operate and with whom we engage.